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The Airbus A320 Simulator

According to a pilot who flies this simulator regularly, our simulator is one of the best non-certified A320 simulators in Europe. It is also the only one in northwestern Switzerland.

Absolutely no previous knowledge is required. Our instructor will explain to you all the instruments that are important for the flight in a pre-flight briefing. No matter whether you want to fly the Airbus manually or fly from A to B according to a flight plan, everything is possible. There are around 24,000 airports around the world available in the system.

You determine the flight program. You choose the weather and time of day. Whether landing on a large airport at night or an instrument landing in a thunderstorm with poor visibility and turbulence. Everything can be simulated. Take a flight over the Alps from Basel to Milan or from Geneva to Nice. Landing at the old Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport is always a particular challenge.

You may also be interested in how an airliner is prepared for a flight. From the “Cold and Dark” status, all systems can be started up according to checklists until the aircraft is “Ready for Takeoff”. The programming of the flight management computer or the navigation with VOR / NDB can also be explained.

So far, the priority setting in favor of the control signals calculated by flight control computers over the control inputs of the pilots has been unprecedented. For the first time, control commands that were disqualified as nonsensical by the computers were not passed on to the control surfaces.




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Some technical information about our simulator:

Our simulator is a 1: 1 replica of the A320 cockpit with all fully functional instruments that are required for the flight. The simulator has 3 60-inch screens with very detailed graphics to show the outside world. 3 high-performance computers calculate the flight physics, the instrument display and the operating elements.
The weather can be chosen with an instructor station. The aircraft can be positioned at an airport all over the world, the flight parameters can be changed and all conceivable emergencies such as failure of instruments and engines can be simulated. A surround speaker system ensures the right sound.
For reasons of space and cost, the simulator is not installed on a moving platform. Because of the very complex graphics, however, the impression arises that the cockpit is moving.

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The Robinson R22 Simulator


Our simulator is a 1: 1 replica of the R22 cabin with all fully functional instruments and the entire control mechanics in their original state!

The cabin is installed on a moving platform, which makes the challenging flying of a helicopter extremely realistic - you literally forget that you are flying in a simulator.

The flight noises are also perfectly reproduced in the simulator of the Robinson R22 and visualization is guaranteed by 3 HD projectors of high quality of the display of the flight image.

You determine the flight program. You choose the weather and time of day. Whether landing on an airfield, a high-rise roof or in a football stadium. Everything can be simulated.

Die Simulatoren: About

Highlights of our Simulators

Realistic flight simulators in which also professionals train

More than 24,000 destinations

Selectable weather and time of day scenarios

Live ATC radio and navigation

Instrument visual approaches

You fly as a pilot or captain

Helicopter on a moving platform

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